October 4th, 2021 

Good afternoon everyone,

It is a month today that we issued a media release covering the proposed move of ‘Our Girl’ to Williamtown. During this entire period we have continued with the Covid lockdown and this has stopped any face to face discussions.

Where we are now: We have an in principle agreement with Air Force to facilitate the move of our Catalina to RAAF Williamtown Aviation Heritage Centre (WAHC). This Centre is managed by the staff of Fighter World (FW). We need to establish a working relationship with them and plans are in place to meet with their President and senior staff as soon as face to face is available.

You may recall that in the media release we noted that the relocation will not happen for some time as there are pre existing unrelated projects underway to upgrade the WAHC site.

Ahead of us: Several matters are in play. WAHC are about to take delivery of two more display aircraft, an F-18 and a Canberra bomber. I hope you can understand where their focus lies at present.

The proposed upgrade at WAHC is part of a bigger matrix, with upgrades taking place at RAAF Townsville and Point Cook. We have a place on the totem pole, but not at the top!

I am having discussions with my Air Force contact about how we can best use this period...we are relocating to Government land and there will be some training and sign offs to be completed.

There has been limited discussion on the possibility of some form of interim facility at WAHC and we have supplied a dimensioned plan of what we would need to accommodate the fuselage and centre wing. A site visit is planned when able.

Our AGM is close, we are holding off waiting to receive the audited end of year accounts and as previously stated we would prefer a face to face AGM...date will be set asap.

Behind us: The recent weeks have seen several exchanges of correspondence with Council (Madam Mayor). It has remained courteous, no bridges have been burnt and we look forward to continue managing the Rathmines Anzac Service and running the Heritage Base Tours. I believe we are now on course and excess baggage is behind us.

More soon, stay safe, 


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