Winter 2021 Newsletter

Presidents Report.

Good morning everyone on such a beautiful day, despite the restrictions! There are several matters to address. A comprehensive Restoration Report from Terry Fahey will be attached.

Rathmines Memorial:  The gardens and lawns are looking excellent as we start to come out of Winter.  We now have a quote to discuss and consider seeking a grant to replace the pathway fencing; some of the posts are in a poor state and looking a little tired.  LMCC initiated the removal of a few dead trees that were in close proximity to the Memorial public area as they presented a safety hazard.  

The Virus lockdown prevented a gathering last Sunday…Victory in the Pacific Day, but a wreath did find it’s way to the Memorial.

Membership renewals:  The membership register has been completed for 2021 and I thank all of you for your continued support.  Whilst on this topic, we had some emails bounce back.  Can I ask you to let me know if you change your contact details please.

Base Tours:  No surprise that we have had to cancel several bookings in light of the restrictions that were in place or expected to happen.  A group from Morisset Probus was very keen to complete a Tour and also visit the aircraft.  We will remain in contact.  A new ‘Tour brochure’ has been designed and printed and we will begin posting them out as and when it appears freedom to travel may return.  

Pre the lockdown we were able to host a few ‘morning tea visits’ to the aircraft, including a couple of car clubs.

Pathway forward:  I am very aware that the issue of a home for the aircraft is dragging on.  As I indicated in the last newsletter, we are looking at alternative options and are in the midst of encouraging discussions.  I really was hoping to be able to make a more positive statement by now and have held off with this newsletter.  

There are a number of balls in the air and as soon as I am able to make that statement, you will be contacted.  In the meantime, please know that your committee is working very hard and actively to secure the best way forward.

New Committee member:  Let me introduce Mr. Graham Streeter.  Graham is a local Kilaben Bay resident and has accepted an invitation to fill a temporary casual vacancy until the AGM…that date is yet to be set.  Graham brings considerable computer skills and management background to the table.  We are delighted to have him on board.

Please read Terry’s report. I share his support and comments for the restoration team.  They do a wonderful job under difficult circumstances.

Best wishes      Bill    0418770400

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