Volunteer restoration work has recommenced as of this week at our new premises, we actually returned to work on the 9th of Jan but all have been busy setting up the aircraft ready for work plus relocating virtually the last of our numerous bits & pieces. The last of our tooling & equipment has been relocated - including the forklift which will allow components to be stowed on previously installed pallet racking.

The main focus will still be on the fuselage & centre wing but having all the aircraft components under the one roof will allow work on various other parts as labour & time allows. For example, the wing tip floats need further work on the mounting attachments, once this is done they can be painted & placed in medium term storage.

Work is ongoing in preparing the bow section for the gun turret which should be back on site after refurbishment mid year along with the new blister perspex sections. The interior of the engineer’s compartment will continue to be prepared for painting plus work has just commenced on preparing the blister gunner’s walkways which were located in Albany WA & are in excellent condition 

The fuselage is still set up on the transport frame but the intention is to work towards setting it up on the MLG. Much of the gear has been installed & we are really looking forward to having the Cat back on it’s wheels again. One of the MLG tyres is badly worn  & not very presentable, presently waiting on word from one of our associates as regards a suitable replacement. 

When most of the aircraft components are sorted & stowed, there will be space available to allow work on the engines to commence. We intend to set up the two donated R1830-92 engines to be eventually fitted to the Cat, these were generally  the model engine originally fitted at manufacture. The remaining engines will be set up for static display.

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