Rathmines Catalina: Memorial

Relatives of deceased RAAF Personnel who served on flying boat operations during WWII may apply for a personal plaque in a memorial wall at Rathmines by clicking on this link, and providing a return phone number:

The Rathmines Memorial is erected on land donated by Lake Macquarie City Council, now known as Catalina Park. The walk along a paved, landscaped path leads to a structure with a Catalina propeller featured on top. Walls either side are inscribed with those who served at Rathmines and who died for their country, or have since died and had served on the base at Rathmines. The monument was officially unveiled and dedicated on September 16, 1972.

The Monument is constructed of stone brick, set on a plynth with a Catalina propeller mounted on the top.

A plaque affixed to the monument is inscribed:

Dedicated to those who served at the R.A.A.F. Rathmines and to all associated with Flying Boats and Seaplanes 1939 – 1960.
Unveiled by Air Vice Marshall W. E. Townsend G.B. C.B.E. 16th Sept., 1972.”

The memorial has 4 stone brick walls to the front and facing the monument, with plaques of deceased personel who were associated with Seaplanes at Rathmines between 1939 – 1946.

One wall, (south side), is dedicated to those who served with the RAAF Sunderland Squadrons, 10 & 461.

Donations to support the upkeep of our Memorial Walls are gratefully accepted.

We mourn them here -

Our dreaming dead.

In this quiet, hallowed place

To heroes dedicate.

As once they loved all this -

Cool waters, sea breeze,

Tall trees and distant hills,

The magpies glory in the early morn.

We chose this spot.

We took our memories and placed them here

And planted trees, like memories evergreen

To thrive and grow more cherished with the years.

Speak quietly here - tread soft

They who loved these shores dream on,

The blessed peace for which they fought is theirs,

In this tree ringed, green and lovely place.

Rathmines Catalina Memorial Park Association Incorporated is a non-profit organisation, trading as RATHMINES CATALINA Association
ADDRESS: PO Box 59, Toronto NSW 2283 AUSTRALIA

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